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About us

Palmer Reef
Nell Linus
Netty and Adam made their way to Cape Town from different destinations, but both arrived 2000 in South Africa. Netty's decision to move to Cape Town for good came to mind after a holiday trip in 1999.

After finishing her studies as a professional architect, Netty went off from Westphalia to sunny Cape Town for an internship. Meanwhile she is running her own business as an independent entrepreneur and works on several projects in South Africa.

One of work projects for an aid program involved the realisation of a childcare centre in Khayelitscha, the largest town ship in Cape Town.

Adam, a professional physiotherapist, couldn't let go on Cape Town and this most beautiful country after his one year "short visit". In fact he found a paradise for his passion to surf - as he says: the best waves in the world.

He made the decision to come to Cape Town permanently to start with a new chapter in his life.

"Palmer" - the kind soul around the house joined the family in September 2002 from a Cape Town animal shelter and became a permanent part of the team ever since.

After a while we decided to get "Palmer" a new companion, that's when the crazy Rhodesian Ridgeback "Reef" completed the pack in 2005.

The last chapter for now in our small family history are the two beach kids Nell and Linus. Nell was born in 2006, visits the primary school already and is a real Cape Town girl.

Linus - the newest addition to the team was born in May 2010 and is a great joy and probably one of the best surfers of the near future.