Bokaap Boulders Beach Cape Town

Our guest services

Airport transfer
Let us know about your arrival at the airport, if you give us the needed informations like flight number, airline and arrival or departure time, we will arrange the airport transfer.

Car Rental
We offer car rental for the Cape town area, just let us know if you want to rent a car with us.

the public transport in Cape town is getting better and better, whatsoever it is good to have his transport to get around in Cape Town. We offer a couple of rental cars or assist you if you want to buy a car, especially if you stay longer than 3 month it might be advisable to have your own car and you can save some money. Rental cars are available in all categories and price ranges to suit everybody's needs.

Just arrange the rental car with us when you book your accommodation, because it can be quite difficult to get a car during the summer season. If you interested in buying a car you are welcome to ask for assistance, we help you to find a car and sort out the needed paperwork. After your stay we can also help you to sell the car when you leave South Africa again.

Round trips and activities
We organise and assist you with round trips and activities in and around Cape Town. You might want to visit a local Shanti Town(Township) to learn and experience to local culture and its people.

Go on a day trip to the winelands or visit the Cape of Good Hope. Ask us if you want to take a tour with one of our personal guides to discover some "off the book" places and get around the Cape Town area.

If you feel adventurous let us know, we get you involved with shark diving, climbing, sand boarding, diving, surf trips, sky diving and many more activities.

Additional informations
If you need further informations or you missing something we can arrange for you, just let us know we will try our best to make your stay in Cape Town and South Africa a time to remember.